Not Getting The Results You need with Crystals, Stones or Chakra Healing?
It's because you're being taught the wrong things or mainly regurgitated misinformation in almost all books, websites & courses, whether they're in person or online and the most critical information is flat out missing about caring for your Master Energetic System with Crystals & Stones.

There are roughly 5,000 minerals, but 98.8% of them are not the stones that you should be taught to work with in the beginning, and not ever if you're not using the 1.2% of minerals that are actually the Core Universal Master Stones and using them correctly. The other 98.8% are not Core Universal Master Stones and most are fine tuning stones, which are the last step in working with stones to create a desired change in your life. 

Core Universal Master Stones are called that because they work with all human Master Energetic Systems in the same way, and there are less than 60 of them.

It does not matter if you know how to program stones, identify them, identify Master Quartz formations, know the properties of all 5,000 minerals, know how to meditate with stones, wear them, carry them, sleep with them, or what each shape and form is used for, if you don't have a properly functioning Master Energetic System. 

In Body Alchemy Level One, I'm going to teach you how to easily perform daily energetic hygiene on your Master Energetic System, correcting misinformation as we go.

Your Master Energetic System

Your Auric Field
Every issue, whether it be Physical, Mental, Emotional or Spiritual (every single issue falls under one or more of these categories) begins as an energetic imbalance in your Golden Web (Soul Alchemy) or one of the seven layers of your Auric Field. Your Auric Field is Your first line of defense.

The longer an imbalance goes uncorrected, the more issues you will have, and the worse they will get.

Your Chakras
Your Chakras are linked to Your Auric Field so any issues there will directly affect Your Chakras, and vice versa. 

Your Chakras are energy centers both within and outside of your body that control the flow of life force energy through your body, and govern specific Physical areas, as well as Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Issues. 

Your Chakras need to be free of blockages and stagnant or sluggish energy flow. They need to be properly activated, energized, have a balanced energy flow between them, be an equal size, spin in the same direction, and be fine tuned.

Your Body: The Vehicle for Your Soul

Your Body is the Physical Vehicle for Your Soul and should be treated with the respect and care it deserves. 

Your Master Energetic System is directly linked to your Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Well-Being while you are in your body and must be properly taken care of.  

What would happen if you didn't change the oil in your car, refill the fluids, change your break pads, filters, hoses, belts, put air in the tires, or put gas in the tank? 

Just like anything else, your Master Energetic System requires routine maintenance to function optimally.  When that maintenance isn't done, things begin to break down and repairs are needed. If repairs aren't done, things can go very badly. 
Have You Been here before and are ready to enroll? 
Why Am I Offering This Course?
I've worked with stones all of my life.  I worked in the retail showroom for one of the largest importers of stones and crystals for 12 years before I became a stay at home mom, so I had access to just about any mineral you can imagine. I was the go to girl for customers trying to figure out what stone they should use for their needs, because I could easily match them up with stones that were resonating with them, after what the books told them didn't work.  I developed quite a following locally and from tourists on their regular vacations.  

I love to journal and take notes so I kept notes on what was working for what issue and was so angry and frustrated because what was actually working for people was rarely what all of the books, websites and "crystal gurus" were touting.  

I ended up with a 500,000 ( 1,052 pages, small print, single spaced with no pictures or graphics) word document on stone correspondences that was absolutely useless, because it wasn't universal. What worked for Sally Ann for arthritis only seemed to work for Sally Ann, not the other 27 people under my arthritis page and there was hardly a repeat stone in the bunch! And that's how it was for absolutely everything!

I went on bed rest at 7 months pregnant with my oldest son, and spent that time pouring through my manuscript trying to find rhyme or reason, searching for universal information, for any mineral that actually worked the same for everyone.  I only found a handful.  I was so frustrated that I actually burned the manuscript.  Not long after, my husband decided that his favorite past time was breaking my stones, so I packed my collection away in storage containers in the closet except for a few choice pieces tucked away in drawers.

Fast Forward
A few years ago I had severe allergy induced asthma and over 250 known allergies, most of which were food.  I was down to only 10 whole foods that I could eat safely and my asthma meds weren't working very well.  I was afraid to eat and I was down to 93 pounds. I was afraid that I'd suddenly develop a new allergy because of the limited foods I could eat. I ended up in the emergency room on a regular basis because inhalers didn't work at all for me and my other meds would work for a while and then just not work for me anymore.  I had been unable to find any stones that resonated with this issue for me, although I was ever searching.

My asthma was round the clock, but so much worse at night.  I spent 5 years sleeping on my knees and forearms with pillows under my stomach and the crown of my head touching the bed. It was the only way I could get any sleep at all. As it was I was up every 2 hours to take my meds, sit over a vaporizer and drink a mug of hot tea made with 2 family size tea bags (which gave me more relief than my meds did). Every night I wondered if this would be the night that I died. That was my life, utterly ruled by fear. 

But then one night I was listening to a pod cast to distract myself while waiting for my tea to steep and there was an advertisement for a webinar.  I had absolutely no interest in the webinar, but my higher self was doing somersaults in my head insisting that I attend, lol!  

The webinar was the next evening. I sat there with my tea wondering why on Earth my higher self was so happy, because I was so not interested in what I was hearing. But then the person giving the webinar brought a guest on that I didn't know via phone, and the instant I heard her voice something clicked.  It felt like time slowed down and everything around me became crystal clear. It was one of those moments where you know something just happened that will change your life forever, and so it did.

She began to talk about working with stones and how there were actually universal stones that worked the same for everyone, oh boy did my ears perk up!!!  She gave her facebook info and I contacted her and discovered that she was teaching a workshop the following month, you should have seen my happy dance!

I actually sold part of my collection to a local collector to cover the cost of the online workshop, and my mind was blown. She taught me the first steps of how to properly care for my Auric Field & Master Chakras and within one single week, my asthma and allergies were completely gone, just gone! 

As you can imagine, this totally changed all areas of my life! I could eat food again without fear (gained 50 pounds before I remembered I could workout again, lol!) I could go for long walks on the beach and in the woods. I could go to the movies and park with my kids again. I could go out to eat again with my family, food was no longer the enemy. I could love all over my fur babies without any issues. I could lay down to sleep like a normal person again, I had almost forgotten what that felt like and I actually got to experience 8 straight hours of sleep a night, every single night again!

And do you know what the best thing is? What I learned is universal information. It isn't intuitively sourced material that may or may not work the same way on everyone's Master Chakras & Auric Fields. It didn't come from one of the Bazillion books or websites filled with misinformation or missing information. It didn't come from any of the popular online schools or teachers. These stones and tools do exactly the same thing in the same way for all human Master Energetic Systems period. 

As you can imagine, this lit a fire under my ass again and I renewed my search to find out which stones are actually Core Universal Master Stones with a passion! I had a jumping off point now and a mission to empower others with stones and other energy tools. 

Fast Forward to the Present, and I am ecstatic to say "Mission Accomplished" Body Alchemy Level One is here! If your issue is an Energetic Imbalance rooted in your Master Energetic System, whether it be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, this will help you.

I have been serving clients on a one on one basis with tremendous success, but there are only so many hours in a day. 

 I was committed to find a way to empower many people at the same time by sharing with y'all many "Secrets Behind the Crystal Curtain". One of the most important secrets is how to properly care for your Master Energetic System, your Auric Field and 9 Master Chakras with crystals, stones & energy tools. I will share that secret with you and quite a few more secrets with you in this course.

There is so much misinformation out there about working with stones in general, (some of it intentional and some simply from ignorance), and especially when it comes to caring for your Master Energetic System with them and properly caring for the stones themselves.

 Unfortunately, most manufacturers, sellers, authors and teachers on the subject are just regurgitating all that misinformation, or just missing a lot of key information. A few of them think that they're actually helping people, but most just jumped on the chakra stone bandwagon to make money, a lot of money.

The Empowered Path Alchemy Foundation Alchemy series of courses are result of my passion & commitment to Empowering y'all, so you can begin to transform your life into exactly what you want it to be with Crystals, Stones & Energy Tools. 
Body Alchemy will teach you how to move from having a Master Energetic System that is a dirty & damaged hot mess and transform it to a fine tuned beautifully functioning powerhouse with the innate energy of crystals, stones & energy tools which can bring empowerment to all areas of your life, starting with:

Body Alchemy Level One:
 "Secrets Behind the Crystal Curtain - Basic Energetic Hygiene for Your Master Energetic System".

Which is basic Energetic Hygiene for Your Master Energetic System and You will learn how to incorporate it into your daily routine just as easily as brushing your teeth or taking a shower.  It isn't difficult to learn or practice and it doesn't involve long meditation sessions with your stones or complicated routines. In fact, your daily Energetic Hygiene practice will take about 15 minutes to do once you get the hang of it, that's it.
Be Warned...
  I am straight to the point, and homework is required, not optional. Changing your life requires new action grounding what you learn into physical experience. Students who do the work, get the results. My certificates are earned, not bought.

  I do not hand-hold, tell you what you want to hear, or put up with "the blame game".

  You, and only you are responsible for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, so take charge now.
You are Invited to Join Me for 
EPA Body Alchemy Level One
"Secrets Behind the Crystal Curtain - Energetic Hygiene for Your Master Energetic System"
ALL necessary stones and energy tools are included in the cost of the class for all courses. 
Prerequisites for this course are:

Working with Stones Level One - Foundation
"Conversations with The Stone Whisperer"
($389 which Includes $200 in Stones & Energy Tools) Click Here for more info on this course.

Which Includes Two Mini Courses:

WWS 100: 
What you need to Know about Working with Stones and When You Need to Know It

10 Secrets about Working with Stones that They Don't Want You to Know

Crystals, Stones & Rocks, What's the Difference?

Nurture/Nature: The Importance of Quality Stones

The M.A.P. P. System:  4 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing A Stone 

History of Stones for Healing & Empowerment & Modern Day Scientific Uses 

How Stones Work: Physics in Action

Crystals, Stones & Pets What to Do: Safe Ways to Utilize Them

What Not to Do: Dangerous Commonly Taught Techniques

Are You Energetically Killing Your Stones? 4 Commonly Taught Techniques That You Should T.O.S.S.!

WWS 101: 4C-ing - Basic Energetic Hygiene for Your Stones, Jewelry & Objects  

Inferior "Other Methods" for Caring for Stones

Cleansing Your Stones

Clearing Your Stones

Charging Your Stones

Correcting the D.O.R. of Your Stones
Who Am I?
  I'm Robin Zendayah, the founder & CEO of Empowered Path Alchemy Foundation, and the creator of Human Crystal Body Gridding, Body Alchemy, Environmental Alchemy & Soul Alchemy.

The Empowered Path Foundation offers courses in:

Working with Stones for:
Body Alchemy
Environmental Alchemy
Soul Alchemy

 My personal training was and is hands on and extensive. I travel every year to train with my master teachers to expand my knowledge & experience to further empower you.
  I am a Chakra & Auric Field Technician, Crystal & Stone Therapist, an Usui, Takata, Crystal & Rock Girl Reiki Master, Sacred Stones Grid Practitioner, Professionally Trained Psychic specializing in past lives, a Soul Realignment Practitioner, and a certified Pendulum & Rod Dowser,. I am also fully trained in many, many other energy healing modalities.

  I am an instigator of change, mom of two kids, two cats and one big ole bloodhound puppy. I live to learn, create and empower!

   I am known as "The Stone Whisperer". Stones speak, and I listen. 
Empowered Blessings Y'all~
Robin Zendayah
The Stone Whisperer
  My Students & Clients are happy campers, achieving amazing results empowering their lives with crystals & stones.

  Are you ready to join them on the Empowered Path of Body  Alchemy...

   to move from having a Master Energetic System that is a dirty & damaged hot mess and transform it to a fine tuned beautifully functioning powerhouse with the innate energy of crystals, stones & energy tools which can bring empowerment to all areas of your life?
What's Included?

 4 Modules with 18 Online Classes with New Course Material Released Weekly.

$300 value in Practitioner Level Stones & Energy Tools Hand Picked to Resonate with Your Unique Energetic Signature.

Actionable Homework Assignments to Ground Your Knowledge in Physical Experience.

Actionable Challenges for a chance to win Fabulous Prizes for each Module! 

Private Facebook Group with a Tribe of like minded cohorts, submitting challenges & energetic tools only available to Body Alchemy Students & Alumni

Downloadable Certificate of Completion ready to frame.

Optional $444 value Professional Auric Field & 9 Master Chakras Analysis, and $444 Full Body 9 Master Chakra Balancing 

Optional Live Reverse Classroom Format Q & A Call with Recording available.

4 Modules with 18 Online Classes 
Plus Bonus Materials
Optional Service : Auric Field Analysis 

BA 101
• What is Your Auric Field, and What affects the energy of Your Auric Field?

BA 102
• 4C-ing - Cleansing, Clearing, Charging & Correcting the energy of Your Auric Field

• Cleansing Your Auric Field

• Clearing & Charging Your Auric Field

• Correcting the Dominant Oscillatory Rate of Your Auric Field
BA 103
 7 Master Chakras within Your Body & the Two Additional  Key Master Chakras Above & Below

BA 104

Why Popular So Called Chakra Crystals, Stones &
Jewelry Harm Your Master Energetic System

Chakras & Scrambled Eggs; What They Have in Common

 Learn the 5 steps of chakra empowerment that give my students absolute confidence that they are finally doing it right through the results they see every day.
Cleansing Your Chakras with Core Universal Master Stones

 The 3 C Master Breath
Bonus Materials

Do The Stones In My Rings Have An Influence On My Chakras? Yes!

An important note about Animal Chakras
$300 in Practitioner Quality Energy Tools
Which includes:
Energetic Hygiene 4C-ing Set for Your Auric Field
(learn why you must have separate tools for this in course)
One 8 - 10 inch Raw Selenite Wand
Proper Ratio 7 Metal Tingshas with bag
2 Black Metal Footed Trays
Robin Zendayah EPA
Body Alchemy Signature Journal
and a Core Universal Master Chakra Cleansing Set   
10 Drawstring Bags 
Your Chakra Cleansing Stones
RZ EPA Signature Body Alchemy Zippered Pouch
10 x 3.5 inches
Chakra Size 10 Stone Core Universal Master Chakra Cleansing Set 
(1 1/2 - 3 inch stones)
1 Brazilian Fluorite
1 Black Tourmaline
1 Amethyst
Body Alchemy Signature Zippered Pouch
1 Labradorite
1 Citrine
1 Pair of Selenite Circuit Cylinders
1 Hand-Dug Raw Quartz Point with Bag
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 limited to 444 students
Spots Will Fill Up Quickly!

Are You Ready to Step onto the Empowered Path of Body Alchemy?
Join Me for
"Secrets Behind the Crystal Curtain"
"Conversations with The Stone Whisperer"
Three Sessions in 2018 to Choose From:

Session One
Classes Start on the first Wednesday of September.

Session Two
Classes Start on the first Wednesday of October.

Session Three
Classes Start on the first Wednesday in November.

Three Enrollment Levels to Choose From

Payment Plans Available 
"The Basics"
Enrollment Level One
222 spots available

Full Payment (payment plans available from $214
  • 5 Online Modules with 11 Classes
  • $211 value in Practitioner Level Stones & Energy Tools Hand Picked to Resonate with Your Unique Energetic Signature
  • Actionable Homework Assignments to Ground Your Knowledge in Physical Experience
  • Actionable Challenges for a chance to win Fabulous Prizes for each Module! 
  • Private Facebook Group Just for Current Students of this Course & Alumi
  • Certificate of Completion Ready to Print & Frame
Payment Plans From $428 a month
Payment Plans From $285 a month
Payment Plans From $214 a month
Enrollment Level Two
which includes:
9 Master Chakras 
& Auric Field Analysis
  In a Basic Analysis, I will look at the following: 

9 Master Chakras:
Physical Activity (under or over active)
Emotional Activity (under or over active)
Mental Activity (under or over active)
Spiritual Activity (under or over active)
Stagnant or Negative Energy Buildup
Properly Activated
Energy Flow

Auric Field
Stagnant or Low Frequency Energy Buildup
Enrollment Level Two
111 Spots available
Full Payment (payment plans available from $306 a month)
  • Everything in Level One Plus:
  • Two Live Q & A Calls with Recordings Available
  • Two Basic 9 Master Chakra & Auric Field Analysis (at the beginning of the course and again at the end)
Payment Plans From $612 a month
Payment Plans From $408 a month
Payment Plans From $306 a month
Enrollment Level Three
with an Expanded 9 Master Chakra & Auric Field Analysis
Which Includes Everything in the Basic Analysis Above Plus:
9 Master Chakras :
Spin Direction
Spin Speed
Entity attachments
Auric Field
Attached Cords
and a Chakra Balancing Full Distance Session
The 7 Major Energy Centers within our bodies are called Master Chakras. 

They are:
Root Chakra
Sacral Chakra
Solar Plexus Chakra Heart Chakra
Throat Chakra
Third Eye Chakra
Crown Chakra
These energy centers each govern specific areas of the body, as well as positive attributes when functioning correctly, and negative attributes, issues and illnesses when not functioning correctly. 

There are also 2 Master Chakras outside of the physical body that are crucial to the proper functioning of those 7 chakras, 

There are many more chakras both within and outside of your body, but those are the 9 Master Chakras we address in this session.
A balanced energy flow requires that your 9 Master Chakras are vertically aligned with each other. It also requires  proper position, all spinning in the same direction, at the same speed, and are the same size.
What Happens During a Distance Chakra Balancing Session?
 Before I connect with you, I cleanse, clear, charge, and correct my D.O.R. (dominant oscillatory rate) of my Auric Field, the Energy Tools that I will be using in your session, as well as the space I’m working in. 

Above & Below

I then open up the channel above to receive the Reiki energy, as well as opening up the channel below to connect to the Earth.

I do this to ensure that I am well-grounded so I can run a much larger channel of energy than someone who isn’t connected to the Earth during a session.
Through a combination of Distance Reiki and pendulum work, I will assess the energy flow energy within and between the 7 Master Chakras within your body.

 I will also assess the direction of spin, size and speed of spin.

I will also assess the positioning and alignment of your chakras.
Full Sessions
Through a combination of Distance Reiki & Pendulum work, I will assess the energy flow energy within and between the 7 Master Chakras within your body, as well as the two Master Chakras outside of your body. I will also assess the direction of spin, size and speed of spin, positioning and alignment of your Master Chakras. This is a full body distance session.
This full session process takes an hour to an hour and a half to perform, mini sessions about 30 minutes.

Mini Sessions
This is done through the meridians on your fingers, palm and wrist that connect directly to the 7 Master Chakras within your body. This includes the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras. 

This does not include the Master Chakras outside of your body. Only full body sessions include those chakras.

After Assessments

After the assessments are complete, I will correct any issues you may have with flow, spin direction, size, speed, positioning and alignment.
If your Master Chakras have been in this state for a while, it will take several sessions to get them to hold the corrections, because they will revert to their old positions, until your energetic system accepts the adjustments as normal. Choices that you make on a daily basis will also affect your chakras in both positive and negative ways.
Enrollment Level Three
11 Spots available
Full Payment (payment plans available from $428 a month)
  • Everything in Levels One & Two Plus:
  • One Full Body Distance 9 Master Chakras Balancing Session
  • Two Expanded 9 Master Chakra & Auric Field Analysis (at the beginning of the course and again at the end)
Payment Plans From $856 a month
Payment Plans From $571 a month
Payment Plans From $428 a month
Body Alchemy Testimonials
 "I have read all of the books, taken courses with the "big names", with nada results. This was my last try before I gave up on working with crystals and stones, and OMG, I am so thankful that I found Robin and decided to give it one more try! What Robin teaches actually works and her stones are amazing!"

Robin T. 
Michigan U.S.
"Before I met Robin and she taught me how to take care of my chakras and auric field with stones, I was miserable. I'd spent tons of money on crystals and classes, but all of my problems only got worse, until Body Alchemy. Body Alchemy has transformed my life! I feel fantastic on all levels. I'm no longer depressed, I've lost the weight I needed to lose, and my migraines are just gone, woohoo! I'm so looking forward to level two!"

Stacy H.
Sedona, Arizona U.S.
 "I have suffered with fibro for years and the depression that goes with it.  I've tried so many things, both traditional and alternative to alleviate my suffering with minimal results, until now! I've only taken body alchemy one so far, but 80% of my symptoms are gone, and I am actually living my life again, thank you!"

Misti D.
Kailua, HI U.S.
"I feel like a kid again, lol!  I have so much energy now I've started volunteering again, and can play with my grandkids instead of watching them play. Body Alchemy is magic."

Lou Lou A. 
Wisconsin, U.S.
"I thought I would spend the rest of my life cursed by being an empath. I didn't think that there was anything I could do but just deal. Robin taught me that being an empath is simply a majorly messed up auric field and how to fix mine. It worked!!! I am happy to say that I am no longer an empath. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Karen D.
Baton Rouge, LA U.S.
Have a question about my courses? I'm always here for you:
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  You will also receive suggested activities to do before your classes start.

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  If you are on a payment plan, your enrollment date will be the day your final payment clears, and you will be enrolled in the next available session.

  There is a delay between enrollment and course start date because this allows enough time for me to hand pick your stones and tools that resonate with your unique energetic system and to conduct your Full Auric Field & 9 Master Chakras Analysis.

   Below you will find information specific to U.S. and International enrollments.

Body Alchemy Level One is designed to be completed in 4 weeks for maximum results. You will have access to the course material for an additional 8 weeks, for a total of 12 weeks and that's it. This is to avoid procrastination on stepping firmly onto the path of taking control of your life, and to make sure you are ready to take Body Alchemy Two.

Private Facebook Group Access for 6 months.

If you opted for it, your Analysis will be emailed to you, so you will always have it.
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What if I am unhappy with the course?
Please contact us to let us know why you're unhappy, so we can correct the issue for you, and all current and future students. We are here to empower you! This course includes personal services which take a lot of time to prepare, training and skill to complete. It also includes $300 (plus shipping, packaging & handling ) in stones and practitioner level energy tools which are hand picked to resonate with your unique energetic system. As well as proprietary information. Refunds are not available.
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